Issue 10 Quiz

1) In the AMC TV Show “The Walking Dead” How many times is the word “zombie” used?
A) 0
B) 45
C) 236
D) 1,596

2) In the Blade movies, what is the Vmpire Bible referred to as?
A) The Book of Asmodai
B) The Book of Abaddon
C) The Book of Erebus
D) The Book of Set

3) In the first movie of the Underworld series, how many razor disks did Selene throw at the Werewolf Raze?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

4) In the movie “The Exorcist” what animal is used to make the scream of the “demon” being cast out of Linda Blair?
A) Sheep
B) Pigs
C) Geese
D) Cows

5) In Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” what was Draculas original name?
A) Count Vladimir
B) Count Wampyre
C) Count Van Hellsing
D) Count Bathory

6) Approximately how much screen time does character “Freddy Krueger” have in the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie?
A) 45 minutes
B) 21 minutes
C) 7 minutes
D) 3 minutes

7) In “The Shining” what was the famous line that was typed out over and over again in the English print of the movie?
A) All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull boy
B) He who wakes up early meets a golden day
C) Never Put off till tomorrow what you can do today
D) Although one will rise early, it won’t dawn sooner

8) What was the color of the evil clown Pennywise’s pants?
A) Purple
B) Blue
C) Red
D) Yellow

9) In the movie “The Grudge” What did Susan first find in her bed, that shouldn’t have been there?
A) A Rabbit’s Foot
B) A Cell Phone
C) A Flash Light
D) A stuffed Animal

10) In the movie “Halloween” from 1978, who’s face was used to create the mask?
A) Leonard Nimoy
B) William Shatner
C) George Takei
D) James Doohan

Answer Key:
1) A
2) C
3) D
4) B
5) B
6) C
7) A
8) D
9) A
10) B