Issue 9 Quiz

1) According to the series author George R.R. Martin, how many books were originally going to be in the series “A song of Ice and Fire”?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 9

2) In the board game Monopoly, the Mascot “Mr. Monopoly” originally had a different name. What was that name?
A) Mr. Moneysworth
B) Monopoly Man
C) Richmand Pennyworth
D) Rich Uncle Pennybags

3) How many pokemon were originally intended to be in the first round of pokemon games upon release?
A) 150
B) 170
C) 190
D) 210

4) In the newer series of Doctor who, Who is “Bad Wolf”?
A) The Moment
B) Rose Tyler
C) The Master
D) Davros

5) In the “Mad Max” series, what was Mad Max’s last name?
A) Swaisey
B) Rockatansky
C) Chevvy
D) Zanetti

6) What was the name of the night club in the movie “The Mask”?
A) The Majestic
B) Coco Bongo
C) The Trailhouse
D) Club Mahogany

7) In the game series “Fallout” how many Vaults are believe to be in the US?
A) 103
B) 111
C) 115
D) 122

8) In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, what pizza place did the turtles primarily get their pizza from?
A) Audino’s
B) Antwon’s
C) Antonio’s
D) Shredder’s

9) In Star Trek Next generation, what was the first ship Jean-Luc Picard was Captain of?
A) Stargazer
B) Enterprise-D
C) Reliant
D) Defiant

10) In the show “Yu-Gi-Oh!” the main antagonist of the first season Maximillion Pegasus was a fan of cartoons. What cartoon did he admit he watched?
A) Action Guy
B) Rampant Rabbit
C) Funny Bunny
D) Rascal Cat


Answer Key:

1: A
2: D
3: C
4: A
5: B
6: B
7: D
8: C
9: A
10: C