jurassic-world-logoWith Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow and executive producer Steven Spielberg really knocked one out of the park, so to speak.

Set 20 years after the events in the original movies from the 90s, Jurassic World brings us back to the same Costa Rican island for more splendor, more adventure, and more mayhem. It brings with it the familiarity and majesty of the first Jurassic Park movie, with amazingly realistic looking dinosaurs, familiar locations, familiar music, and even familiar characters.

Jurassic World, the park, has turned into more than John Hammond, the original founder, had ever dreamt. The new owner has the same passion and care for his guests as Hammond did, and continues to “spare no expense” in creating the perfect guest experience. Over 20,000 visitors at a time now enjoy this lush, tropical island. With an elaborate train system hustling them all about the island, countless shopping and dining options, a Jimmy Fallon instructional video, and of course, real, live dinosaurs, what could ever go wrong?

Oh, right, the genetically engineered cross-bred monster designed to make kids and parents alike wet their pants with fear. If there is only one thing wrong with this movie, it’s this: why the heck would the same geneticist who was eye-witness to the tragedy that befell the original park knowingly design such a dangerous beast?

Jurassic-World-Cast-Images-540x303As you would expect, catastrophe ensues, and it again becomes humans vs. dinosaurs, with a plot twist or two thrown in to give context for events leading up to the film. Owen (Chris Pratt), the velociraptor trainer, and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), the workaholic park operations manager, team up to save Claire’s two nephews and the rest of the guests from certain doom. Things don’t go quite as well as hoped, and in the end, they enlist the help of a very unlikely hero.

Despite the fact that I don’t typically enjoy generic high-action movies for action sake, I truly enjoyed this movie from start to finish. The special effects were top notch without being over the top, the dialog was well written, and the action sequences were, for the most part, realistic. All in all, Jurassic World is a satisfying sequel that, for me, truly recaptured the magic of the original.

UGeek Score: 8/10


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