Firefly & Serenity Quiz

Question 1)
“Firefly” still has a legion of loyal followers. What term do “Firefly” fans use to describe themselves?

  1. A) Browncoats
  2. B) Westerners
  3. C) Wildlings
  4. D) Rebels


Question 2)
What miniaturized star wars model can be seen  in the background throughout the episodes of Firefly?

  1. A) The Millenium Falcon
  2. B) A model light saber
  3. C) Boba Fett
  4. D) Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite


Question 3)

Which of the following actor(s) were auditioned for the part of Dr. Simon Tam and ultimately not chosen for the role?

  1. A) Nathan Fillion
  2. B) Niel Patrick Harris
  3. C) Sean Maher
  4. D) Jensen Ackles


Question 4)

Instead of the intended almost hour and  a half pilot, Fox aired which episode as the introduction to the series?

  1. A) Episode 5 “Safe”
  2. B) Episode 2 “The Train Job”
  3. C) Episode 10 “War Stories”
  4. D) Episode 3 “Bushwacked”


Question 5)

What other language besides English is spoken by the majority of the people throughout the series?

  1. A) Russian
  2. B) Korean
  3. C) Mandarin
  4. D) Latin


Question 6)

Which of the following characters is the name of Mr. Universe’s love bot?

  1. A) Bridget
  2. B) Yolanda
  3. C) Saffron
  4. D) Lenore


Question 7)

What is the name of Serenity’s first mechanic?

  1. A) Kaylee
  2. B) Jimmy
  3. C) Bester
  4. D) Larry


Question 8)

What phrase was used by Dr. Simon Tam to stop River’s rampage after the Miranda message in the movie?

  1. A) Eta Kooram Nah Smech
  2. B) Esta Rona Nan Smich
  3. C) Et Koor Nas Mesh
  4. D) Eta Koora Mes Mich


Question 9)

In the TV series, it is well known that Jayne has a favorite gun. What is the gun’s name?

  1. A) Veronica
  2. B) Lilly
  3. C) Betsy
  4. D) Vera


Question 10)

According to Actor Nathan Fillion, when is Unification Day?

  1. A) December 5th
  2. B) October 11th
  3. C) September 20th
  4. D) November 18th



Answer Key:

1) A

2) D

3) B

4) B

5) C

6) D

7) C

8) A

9) D

10) C