Utah Geek Media is currently seeking talented people, like you, to contribute to Utah Geek Magazine and UtahGeekMagazine.com. If you are interested in volunteering for anything listed below, or anything else we haven’t listed, please request access to our private Facebook group by clicking this link, or email us at contribute@ugeekmedia.com if you don’t have access to Facebook.

Utah Geek Media is current all volunteer. We’re doing this for the love of the genre, not to get rich. As such, we have a very low-budget so we can’t afford to provide any compensation at this time. There may be opportunities in the future for free promotional items, free entry into conventions or other events, etc. There may even be a time when we can pay you all, but we can’t make any guarantees. We can, however, offer a paid commission on ad sales, and a mileage reimbursement for people who can help us deliver to our nearly 200 locations.

Here are some areas we’re currently looking for assistance. If you’d like to volunteer to do something not on this list, we’d still love to hear from you.

Need to send us some files? Read this post to find out how.


General Consulting

Has anyone ever done this before? So far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback on the product we’ve been putting out, but we can use all the help we can get. If you have experience in the publishing industry, especially if you have the professional connections and resources that we don’t, and you’d be willing to share your expertise, we’d love to hear from you!

Legal Advice

Fortunately we’ve been able to find all the legal advice we need, such as copyright and trademark law, etc., on the internet. But it sure would give us a warm fuzzy if we had a professional we could turn to if we need some simple questions answered.

Accounting and Tax Advice

Every business needs an accountant. We’ll handle all the heavy work, but we need professionals willing to assist and advise us on how best to navigate the IRS.

Sales, Marketing, & Distribution

Ad Sales

Magazines don’t print themselves! We need experienced (preferably) sales representatives to sell advertising space in our magazine so we can keep it in print. Sales representatives will work as independent contractors and earn a commission on every sale.


Can you work with our advertisers to develop an advertisement with some class? We need people to help our magazine look professional and appealing to our readers and advertisers.


Magazines don’t distribute themselves either! We need drivers to follow our established routes and deliver copies of the magazine at our distribution locations. Drivers will be reimbursed for the cost of gasoline.

Content Writing & Producing

Content Writers & Producers

We need talented writers to write articles, editorials, reviews, quiz questions, or anything else you might think of. We have the serial fiction category covered, however, so if you’re strictly a fiction writer, we may have to pass.


Magazines look better with pictures. Are you a photographer with a portfolio we can use? Can you spend a few hours at a convention and take high quality photos? We need experienced photographers with professional level equipment and resources to generate content for the magazine and the website.

Video Producers

We need experienced video producers and editors to assist in the production of original content for UGeekTV, our YouTube channel.

Cosplay Models

Do you have what it takes to be a professional cosplay model? Do you want to be on the cover or in the centerfold of Utah’s only Geek-centric magazine? More importantly, are you willing to do it for free? Let us know and we’ll arrange a time and place to meet you for a shoot.

Graphic Design

Do you have a portfolio of graphics we can use? Can you design advertisements for advertisers? We need experienced graphic designers to help our magazine look it’s best!

Fan Art

We’re not expecting professional level artwork, but we’d like it as close as we can get it. We need artwork to appear on the cover, accompany articles inside the magazine, or simply to look cool on the website. If you’re willing to lend us your copyright, we’d love to lend you the space.