So you’ve written something, illustrated something, or photographed something, now how do you send it to us? Under most circumstances you can simply email us, but bigger files or collections get much more complicated. Here are the three best options to submit files to Utah Geek Magazine, in order of preference.

For preferred image file formats, see our advertising page. Text documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word compatible format (.docx). Please do not send Apple Pages files, as we do not have that program, and Word does not convert from it.

Regular Email

Our email servers can handle attachments up to about 20 megabytes, which is just fine for articles and/or a handful of small to medium sized images. You’re probably already working with someone from Utah Geek Magazine, so you’ll want to use whatever email address they give you. If not, you can always use as well.

Email via WeTransfer

WeTransfer is simple cloud storage service built specifically for emailing large, temporary files up to 2 gigabytes in size. This is plenty of space for large collections of images, Photoshop projects, or video files. Just select one or more files, enter our email address, enter your own email address, and enter a short message. You can “zip” multiple files or folders together to save time uploading, if you like, but the site will do it for you to make downloading easier. Free uploads are deleted after a week.

Other Cloud Storage

Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services are great too, and the size is limited by your own storage quota. However, they are often a bit more complicated, especially when sharing files with other users. They can also cause complications on our side when figuring out how best do download the files, particularly large collections. If you need to submit files using a cloud storage service, and you need to send us more than just a handful of files, please “zip” your files into a single archive first to save space and make downloading easier.