Become a Superhero in these Comic-Themed Slots

The top 10 popular comic-themed free online slots played are:

  • The Incredible Hulk slots
  • These online slots are the most played. You can meet many features such as the most important Smash bonus that provide you to become a Hulk and smash up cars and helicopters. They hide many prices that you can win for a higher payout.
  • Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin slots
  • This game is a retro of the famous 1980’s cartoons of Spiderman. Based on the comic book, this free slot game provides you fun and many features such as bonus games, random bonuses, and random wilds.
  • Blade Slots
  • It consists of a main character where it fights vampires. There is a Jackpot of Marvel’s mystery that you can win it randomly and provide you to play one more time for another jackpot. Check it online and have fun!
  • The Avengers’ Slots
  • This slot game is quite new on the market. It is climbing the popularity of online casinos with perfect graphics and amazing sounds. It is based on the typical comic book style and you can play it for free.
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The game includes all of the characters of the movie plus batman in it. There are 50 pay lines and 5 reel slots. You can meet two jackpots that provide you more chances of winning.
  • Iron Man 2
  • Other slots online game with heroes that provide you many chances to be a potential winner of different types of bonuses. Players that are a fan of the superhero Tony Stark now can enjoy this 5 reel slot video game while having a lot of fun.
  • Daredevil Slots
  • These online slots are based on the Daredevil movie from the year 2003 with Ben Affleck as the main character. In this game, you can find many interesting bonus features to play. If you get three daredevil symbols you can win ten free spins where your chances for a higher payout are doubled.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Captain America online slots are mixed images from the movie and the comic book, as it is sure that you will have a lot of fun. In this slot game, you can meet many features such as free spins, expanding wilds, and of course a jackpot that has a big value.
  • Superman
  • It consists of five-reel slots and fifty pay lines. It is based on Gene Hackman and Christopher reeves older movies where you can enjoy while using all the features that this game provides. Many awesome bonuses attract many players.

  • X-Men: Scratch
  • This online slots machine based on the actual x-men series contains a progressive jackpot mode and many different x-men powers. The style of powers appears as symbols that can bring you a Scratch game where you get a card and you need to scratch it as another chance of winning big. The bonus part with the card is similar to online bingo games that provide you with scratching to win.

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