FantasyCon is not a convention; it’s an adventure!

If you’re wondering whether or not to attend FantasyCon this 4th of July weekend, do it! If you have plans, cancel them! If you have friends and family visiting, take them with! If you’re worried about missing the parade and fireworks, they have them too!

But what is FantasyCon? You just went to ComicCon, is this just the no-name generic knockoff? No way. Vendors, panels, and celebrities? Forget about them. FantasyCon is an adventure! An experience! Interact with the guests and the celebrities. Reenact scenes from your favorite movies with the stars that made them famous. Party the night away at a themed dance party. Try your hand at the archery range. Watch warriors battle in a tournament at the arena. And enjoy world class entertainment, art, and sculpture from around the country.

FantasyCon is a vacation in your home town. Where else can you see jugglers, tournaments, magicians, artists, sculpturists, celebrities, acrobats, dragons, and more for less than a hundred bucks? Joshua Patel, the founder, has spent the last six years traveling the country and building the framework that has become FantasyCon, and he has brought in the best to help run it. Programmers from Disney, DragonCon, and others top tier conventions head a throng of volunteers over 700 strong who’s primary mission it to make your adventure safe and memorable.

FantasyCon is a first-year convention with some other amazing firsts. The first time fire has been allowed in the Salt Palace. The first time this many A-list guests have attended a first-year con. The first time this many Tolkien actors have ever assembled at a single convention. The first time Simon Pegg has ever attended a convention as a guest. The first time they’ve ever turned off the convention center lights and had it all lit third-party lighting company. The list goes on.

FantasyCon is three conventions in one. Join Westercon 67 and Conduit 24 at the Salt Lake Marriott Hotel to get your literary science fiction and fantasy fix at no additional charge. Local and regional authors, artists, and vendors will provide a more traditional convention experience at one of the most established conventions in the region and the state.

And finally, FantasyCon is a passion for the arts and a creative way to do good and bring joy to the world. Wednesday evening they are hosting a convention preview for selected families of special needs and critically ill children. They have partnered with local charities to bring an adventure to children who may not have another chance.

Join UGeek Media and thousands of others as history is made. Look for FantasyCon Salt Lake in 2015, as well as Paris and Japan in the coming years. But most of all “Enjoy your Adventure!”