Issue 13 Quiz

1: Which American cartoon inspired the power up Pac-Man receives after eating his power pellet?
A) Underdog
B) The Bugs Bunny Show
C) The Atom Ant Show
D) Popeye the Sailor

2: Which 1970s video game was specifically blamed for an increase in burlaries in the UK in the early 80s?
A) Breakout
B) Space Invaders
C) The Oregon Trail
D) Maze War

3: Which of the following Game Cube games was originally supposed to be a game called “Dinosaur Planet” before being changed?
A) Mario Sunshine
B) Star Fox Adventures
C) Mega Man X: Command Mission
D) Metriod Prime

4: In 1998, which of the following games was added to Germany’s Index (Making it essentially illegal to promote or sell in the country)
A) 007 Goldeneye
B) Chrono Trigger
C) Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
D) Yoshi’s Island

5: What movie based video game in the 1980s was blamed for a video game industry crash?
A) Ghostbusters
B) The Evil Dead
C) E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
D) The Karate Kid

6: The game series “Spyro” uses what mythological creature as it’s main protagonist?
A) Phoenix
B) Unicorn
C) Dragon
D) Centaur

7: Which of the following was the first game series to use the term “1-up” when referring to an extra life?
A) Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure
B) Galaga
C) Donkey Kong
D) Super Mario Bros

8: Which of the following is considered to be the first to use “Zombies” as it’s theme?
A) Zombie Zombie
B) Project Zomboid
C) Zombi
D) Zombies: Undead or Alive

9: Which game from the Legend of Zelda series first introduced the Elixir Soup?
A) Ocarina of Time
B) The Wind Waker
C) Majora’s Mask
D) Twilight Princess

10: Which of the following is the first commercially released gaming console?
A) Coleco Telstar
B) Executive Games Electronic Television Tennis
C) Magnavox’ Odyssey
D) Universal Research Lab’s Video Action

Answer Key:
1: D
2: B
3: B
4: A
5: C
6: C
7: D
8: A
9: B
10: C