Utah Geek Magazine Issue 10, March/April 2016


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Utah Geek Magazine Issue 10

Utah Geek Magazine Issue 10

In this issue:

  • Feature: Our Wonderful Obsession with Horror by Michaelbrent Collings
  • Feature: Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Cosplay Centerfold: Steve Strank
  • Artist Spotlight: Keith Thompson
  • GirlsGoneGeek: Virginia Pearce
  • Fiction: Walking Through Walls Chapter 10: The Hammer of Witches
  • Raising Geeks: Reliving Jr. High in a Good Way
  • Club Connection: Salt Lake Zombie Walk
  • Game Reviews: Autokrator and Mayhem RPG
  • Geek Cred Pop Quiz


So why no download?

Utah Geek Magazine is first and foremost a free community print magazine. In order to keep true to our identity, we thought we’d encourage readers in the community to visit their friendly local game store, or any of our 150+ locations. That way, readers can pick up a copy and read it the way it was meant to be read. We will still publish electronic copies of our previous issue here when each new issue comes out, meaning that PDF copies will essentially be one issue (two months) behind their printed versions. If you can’t visit on of our locations, and can’t wait for the PDF, you can always subscribe here.