1: In the game Battleship, what is the smallest ship?
A) PT boat
B) Destroyer
C) U-Boat
D) Cruiser
2: What is this device called?
A) Degivice
B) D-Terminal
C) Digi Tamer
D) Digital Access

3: Who is the King of all Saiyans?
A) Vegeta
B) Broly
C) Paragus
D) Goku

4: In Pirates of the Spanish Main, which of the following is not a faction?
A) Chinese
B) Vikings
C) French
D) German

5:How many Pokemon are there currently?
A) 556 B) 691
C) 719 D) 834

6: In the show Medabots, who was the main character?
A) Metabee
B) Ikki Tenryō
C) Hikaru Agata
D) Kabuto

7: In Warhammer 40k, who shattered Khain, the Bloody Handed God?
A) Slaanesh
B) Nurgle
C) Tzeentch
D) Khorne

8: Of the following Pokemon, which one is considered “uber” tier?
A) Charizard
B) Pignite
C) Typhlosion
D) Blazekin

9: Who tried to wish that the Saiyans were defeated before they reached Earth?
A) Bulma
B) Oolong
C) Piccolo
D) Napa

10: What is the true name of the Pharoah in Yugioh known as Yami Yugi?
A) Tutankhaman
B) Bakura
C) Tristan
D) Atem


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1: B
2: B
3: A
4: D
5: C
6: B
7: A
8: D
9: B
10: D