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Utah Geek Magazine Issue #15

Utah Geek Magazine Issue #15

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Well, I guess it was bound to happen at some point. We’ve made some minor errors in the past, but we overlooked some silly things this issue. We’re aware, we’re embarrassed, we apologize, and corrections have already been made on the online version available below.

The Cover – Yes, the cover. We misspelled the title of one of the feature articles. The text at the bottom right should read: “Who Needs Blood when You’ve Got Family?” instead of “Who Nees Blood when You’ve Got Family?”

Cosplay Centerfold – We didn’t place the usual cosplayer, character, and photographer credits. The credits are as follows: Cosplayer: Zach Pickard, Quantum Entanglement Props; Character: Destiny Titan (from the Destiny video game); Photographer: Chance Day, Day Media Photography

Board Game Reviews – The game titles are incorrect. We copy the previous issue’s source file and use it as a template, and we didn’t update the game titles to match the current reviews. The game titles should read: “Forbidden Island” instead of “Flash Point”, and “True 20” instead of “Swords & Wizadry”.

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Utah Geek Magazine is first and foremost a free community print magazine. In order to keep true to our identity, we thought we’d encourage readers in the community to visit their friendly local game store, or any of our 200+ locations, and pick up a copy. That way, readers can read it the way it was meant to be read. If you can’t visit on of our locations, or can’t wait a month or so for the PDF, you can always subscribe here.