I usually start out with something to give you a feel for the game I am reviewing. This time, however, I felt it important to let people know how I came about reviewing Seeker’s Quest.

Seeker’s Quest is a card game based on Latter Day Saints (LDS) scripture. I was raised in the religion, at least until my teens, which was a long time ago. To give this game a proper review I decided I had to sit out and watch it played by friends who are active and know the scriptures better than me. I, in turn would look at the mechanics of play and give my report on those.


As a Scriptorian you are travelling the world looking for the works to fill your books, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. You are not the only Scriptorian searching through ancient and modern works to find the gems of wisdom to create books though. You must be diligent and careful, planning a proper strategy of which verses to share and when. If not, another Scriptorian will be able to complete the book and gain the blessing.

Seeker’s Quest is a draw and play card game using rummy mechanics to create sets (books) by playing your cards (verses) into chapters (four holding areas used for developing sets). When seven verses with the same theme (there are seven themes) are in a chapter a player may close the chapter, making a book. This grants the player the ability to draw one of their blessings cards.

Blessings are how you determine the end of the game. In the introductory game you start with five cards creating a blessings pile. These cards are from the regular deck. You can also make adjustments to the number of cards in the blessings pile to accommodate different levels of play: faster, slower, or to create balance. When playing between more experienced and lesser experienced players the number of cards in the blessings pile can be different between the players so the more experienced player has to accomplish more.

Many of the cards have effects or abilities. These are used to adjust your strategy during play. The learning game can be played by anyone. The scriptures on the verses (cards) don’t come into play until the standard or a variant game is played.

In the standard game you can challenge your or another player’s knowledge of the scripture on the card. This challenges the players to learn the scriptures. There are additional challenge rules for the more advanced games.

The rules also include ways of doing deck building, side decks, and mastery play. Mastery play is a way of keeping track of the number of games you play, against multiple opponents, to show your advancement in scripture knowledge.

This level of play would be ideal for where there are larger gatherings of people where you can move around other players, like seminary, young adults, etc.

Seeker’s Quest is currently in development available from the developers (Mark, Brendon, and Jacob Hansen) at seekersquestgame.com.